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Rockhound of the month for May 2021
Lisa Knudsen

Rockhound of the month for September 2020
Jim and De Elder



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  • Please sign up at a meeting or contact Janet Ryan to sign up for short or long programs, snack break hosts (on hold for now), or door prize donator for each meeting.
  • We are having an outdoor meeting on September 21 at 6:45 p.m. Details and directions are in the September newsletter. The meeting will be at the Cherry Bend Community Park Pavilion.
  • The club workroom is in the Carnegie Building (formerly the History Center). Cabochon and beginning silversmithing classes will be held in 2021 starting again in September. Sign up for classes or Monday evening workroom time now. Email for classes or workroom time requests.
  • HERE ARE SOME FAVORITE COLLECTING SITES IN THIS AREA (Due to the very high water, some of these sites may be difficult or impossible to collect on the beach, you may need to be in the water.)

    Christmas Cove - Northport - A great spot for Petoskey stones along with rocks brought by the glaciers from Canada.

    Peterson Park - North of Northport - Another good bet for Petoskey stones including some large ones.

    Leland - Both north and south of the marina. If going south, walk to Whaleback Point for a larger concentration of stones of all types. North of the marina there are alternating areas of sand and stone littered beaches. Petoskey stones, various fossils and Leland Blue are some of the treasures found here along with a very occasional rare agate. Higher water has made this and other locations more of a challenge to collect.

    Many beaches from Elk Rapids to Petoskey are good places for Petoskey stones and fossils including: Barnes Park in Eastport, Norwood and Atwood.

    In Petoskey, there are many spots around Little Traverse Bay including the State Park and some local government parks.

    These are some of the most famous spots but keep your eyes open all around the area. Rocky road cuts through glacial till, construction sites, road sides, inland lakes and parking lots are other areas with less hunting pressure that can surprise, with Petoskeys and fossils, the rare, occasional agate and other rocks from Canada and the U.P. left by glaciers. The many gravel and borrow pits can be lucky spots but make sure you get the owner's permission for these and any other sites on private property.

    If you need a GTARMC name badge, see Kim Olson. For $8.00, you can get a pin type name badge or a magnetic badge. This way everybody will know your name.

    NOTE: The Club Equipment Room opened on June 7, 2021 for supervised open sessions on Monday nights. It was closed in August but will begin again in September. Email to sign up. Make sure to follow any instructions and special notes posted in the workroom. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER, HAVE TAKEN A CABOCHON CLASS, AND BE FULLY VACCINATED FOR COVID 19 TO USE THE WORKROOM !!
    Jared Bowen, President
    Janet Ryan, Vice President
    Jim and De Elder, Secretaries
    Debbie Harrington, Treasurer

    Gary Bull, Field Trip Coordinator
    Lauren Vaughn, Newsletter
    Pierre LaFoille, Education Coordinator
    Lauren Vaughn, Club Show Chair
    Cynthia Vaughn, Club Show Publicity
    Lauren Vaughn, Website
    Tricia Stevens and John Noonan, Photographers
    Kimberly Olson,Membership
    Jenny Burcroff, Facebook Page

  • Be sure to check the calendar and the GTARMC newsletter for more information!